Edited interview with Megan Tanaka about her creative outlets.

Working on this audio clip proved both challenging and easy. When I first began I had a very difficult time trying to understand how to use Audacity. It took me a while to figure out that you had to push stop to edit a selection. However, once I got that down editing was really simple and kind of fun.

I really enjoyed working with this program. It is really easy to use once you figure it. Audacity is also really fast, I have used some programs that take a long time to render. I was surprised about how many times I had to listen to the same clip over and over. After awhile it began to get a little old.

If I could do it over again I would make sure that there are longer pauses between questions and answers. I would have also made Megan reword the question back into her answer. The only thing I wish that could have gone smother was importing the file into Audacity. I first tried it in .m4a format and it showed up really short and fast. Then I converted it into .wav format, but when I took it to school it was really long and there was no sound. Somehow I finally got it to work.

Overall this was really fun to do. I really have enjoyed this section of the course. I had never listened to any of the One in 8 million stories before and now love them.  The whole Idea of putting pictures to a story is kind of old-fashioned, but I really enjoy the idea. I think there is a lot of potential in this area of journalism and full of fun possibilities.